December 3, 2014

Tomb Raider 2 Now Available on iOS

In a stealth move worthy of Lara Croft, the 1997 classic Tomb Raider 2 appeared today out of nowhere in the App Store. This updated version for iPhone and iPad is optimized for touchscreen play and includes revamped graphics, multiple language support, and 50+ unlockable achievements.

Of course, some things never change....
Tomb Raider 2 Croft Manor by Rivendell
Thanks to Rivendell for this blast from the past.

I don't own any Apple devices, but friends have been posting rave reviews all day. With a price tag of only $1.99/£1.49 for the full game plus the Golden Mask expansion, I don't see how you could go wrong!

If you've had a chance to try it, I'd love to hear what you think. Please post a comment below or tweet me @Stellalune.

UPDATE 12/6: According to Nash, who posted on my Facebook page, the PlayStation 1 PAL version cheat codes also work in the iOS version. Just sayin'.... ;)

Special thanks to Rivendell and José for these screenshots.

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