December 19, 2014

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Patch Adds New Area: Sunken Chapel of Sobek Plus Community Challenges!

New content has just been added to the Overworld area in Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris. If you follow the path to the southeast of the central Shrine of Osiris, where there used to be a broken bridge overlooking a deep ravine, that bridge now connects to a new explorable area: the Sunken Chapel of Sobek.

The Steam version was slightly delayed, but this new area is now available for all players. It includes more red skulls and health/ammo powerups to collect. For those who purchase the Season Pass, the Sunken City will eventually allow access to new DLC tombs—the Tomb of Hoarfrost and Tomb of the Embalmer—when they are released. Dates for these have not yet been announced.

Sunken Chapel of Sobek screenshot

The new Community Challenge feature rewards players for working together. If you want to get your hands on special items like gold weapons, bonus bags of gems, and a few surprises, check out the Community section in the game's main menu. Each week a new challenge will be posted. This week's challenge, "Burn Baby Burn," requires that everyone work together to kill 5,000 exploding, flaming mummies using SMGs. This particular goal has already been met, so everyone can now go to the Community Chest in the Overworld to find those special weapons waiting. (This is the treasure chest at the edge of the shrine to Osiris, where DLC items appear. It's shown in the screenshot below.)

Note that community challenges are run separately on each platform. That is everyone gets the same weekly challenge, but Steam, PS4, and Xbox One players will work with other players on that same platform. Challenges will run from Sunday (12:01 AM PM PST) to Saturday (11:59 PM PST) each week. The reward will be available in the Community Chest as soon as it is unlocked, but will only remain for 24 hours (11:59 Sunday night) after the challenge closes.

Visit this thread on the Square Enix forums for a detailed list of Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris patches, including the Sunken City update, as well as various crucial bug fixes for all three systems. Check this thread for Community Challenges.

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris Community Chest screenshot


  1. Hi Stella! What do you think of Temple of Osiris? In my opinion, though I like the game in principle, as a sequel to Guardian of Light I found this pretty disappointing. I do like the theme (Egypt) better, the music is awesome and the whether changes are very nice and bring more visual variety, which Guardian of Light comparatively lacked. But Guardian of Light was a so much smarter game! I have to say, I have only played Temple of Osiris in Single-Player-Mode, but so did I also play Guardian of Light, and Single-Player is what I care about. I don't know how much more clever the game is in 4-player co-op, but if it is any better, then it only proves that the single-player is quite an afterthought. The Tomb of the Torturer and The Tomb of the Architect where nice levels, but all the others where too easy and lacked interesting ideas. Even the red skulls just lie around and are no challenge to collect. Even the Challenge Tombs were mostly very easy and especially the last challenge Tomb (in the winter/ice area) was so ridiculously simplistic that I just couldn't believe it. There are also other problems that I have with the game besides the lack of smart level design, but this is my most significant complaint.

    1. I haven't finished it yet, so I can't give a fully informed opinion, but I'm really enjoying it so far. It seemsa bit more buggy than Guardian of Light, especially in co-op, and I'm not really wild about the treasure chest system, but I like the levels, art/design, and story (simple as it is) so far. I'll report in again when I've had a chance to complete it.

    2. Thank you for your reply Stella! I hope my relatively negative opinion won't spoil the enjoyment for you. :) I liked the game too, it's just that I had higher expectations. In my opinion, it doesn't match up to Guardian of Light. And yes, I wasn't too fond on the treasure chest system either. But like I said, I do like the graphics, setting, music and visual variety better. Overall, it is an enjoyable game. I just hope future Crystal Dynamics games are going to be more clever, complex and challenging.

    3. I'm with you 100% on that! I thought the puzzles in TR 2013 were pretty few and pretty weak. It seems like this game is a little better in that respect. I've played a bit in co-op as well, and some of those puzzles were pretty challenging. But I also hope for better in the future.

    4. TR 2013 is a game that I'm still refusing to play and it will probably stay that way forever. I am not one of those people who never liked Crystal Dynamics, but I kind of have the feeling that they've lost it in recent years. I just hope Rise of the Tomb Raider will manage to surprise me very positively. In the mean time, there are tons of TR custom levels that are absolutely brilliant! Currently, I am playing "Psiko's HyperSquare Season 1". It's actually an entire game, with 12 levels, FMVs and tons of new content. If you should have the time, I highly recommend to check it out: