December 7, 2012

IGN Launches Week of Exclusive Tomb Raider Previews

In case you haven't heard, IGN's Tomb Raider Week begins tonight with the premiere of a new Tomb Raider trailer on the 10th annual Video Game Awards. Tomb Raider is also one of the nominees in the viewers' choice category Most Anticipated Game. Tune in live this evening (Friday 12/7, 6 p.m. PST / Saturday 2 a.m. GMT) on Spike TV,, or Xbox LIVE.

A trailer for a trailer? How "meta." ;) But anyway....

The full presentation, including introductions by Samuel L. Jackson and Camilla Luddington, can be seen in tomorrow's post.

The festivities continue throughout the week with these highlights. I'll be adding videos as they become available.

Monday, 12/10, 5:30PM PST · Tomb Raider Live Stream: IGN and developer Crystal Dynamics show an hour of new Tomb Raider content. Then, for another half hour, the creators will be taking fans' questions live and explaining game mechanics.

Tuesday, 12/11 · IGN Rewind Theater: Tomb Raider Survivor Trailer: IGN staffers do an in-depth analysis of the latest TR video trailer. Warning: Contains some fairly significant spoilers.

Wednesday, 12/12 · The Tombs of Tomb Raider: It's one of the most frequently asked questions about the new game—where are the tombs?! Don't worry; they're in there. This TR week installment examines a few.

Thursday, 12/13 · Upgrading Lara Croft: An exploration of Tomb Raider's RPG elements, including how Lara upgrades her skills and equipment.

Friday, 12/14 · Tools of Survival Trailer: An exclusive new trailer exposing the survival skills Lara is forced to learn on this dangerous island.

Additional details can be found on's Tomb Raider Week page.

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  1. It's all very nice but I don't think I going to watch any of this; way too much information and possible spoilers. It seems I'll have to hide under a rock until March 5th :)