June 5, 2012

More TOMB RAIDER Revealed at E3

Tomb Raider has taken center stage at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo. Yesterday at the Microsoft press conference, Crystal Dynamics' Darrell Gallagher and Daniel Bisson, head of studio and game co-director, respectively, presented a stage demo featuring a previously unseen section of the game (video below). Following the demo, Gallagher announced that the first downloadable content will be available first on the Xbox 360.

Later, Crystal's Global Brand Director Karl Stewart showed off more of the game and described how the designers are trying to make it less linear than previous iterations through the use of hubs and "gear gating," which basically means allowing players to open new areas by finding specific objects or gaining new skills. He also dropped the phrase "Challenge Tombs," harkening back to a similar feature in Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. These were optional side areas with special challenges and rewards. Although the main demos we've seen so far appear pretty linear, Stewart also stressed that the new structure will give the player the freedom to "come into a space and do what you do best: be an explorer."

There's a new Crystal Habit E3 Podcast with a short Q&A in which our community rep Meagan Marie questions a a few of the developers about the stage demo. listen here.

We've also heard a little more from Karl Stewart about the mysterious and deadly "Scavengers" inhabiting the island where Lara has landed in GameInformer's article on "The Enemies Of Tomb Raider."

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  1. So micro$oft is gonna try forcing us into buying a xbox this time around also.. as they did with the DLC's for Underworld. I know I probably come across as a pessimist here, I don't want to, but its hard not to. I'm strictly a PC-gamer änd Linux nut.

  2. Having seen the trailer now, the gameplay did look intresting though. :)
    Reminded me a little bit of AC:Revelations.

  3. @Rebecca: At least this time they said "first" for Xbox and not "only." I'd love to see DLC for the PC, and it would also be nice if PlayStation got some goodies too, since they've missed all the bonus levels so far.