June 11, 2012

E3 Community Ambassador One-on-One Developer Interviews

E3 has now come and gone, with Tomb Raider making quite a splash at the show and picking up numerous awards, including Best of Show from IGN, Game Informer, CVG, GamesRadar, the Official Xbox Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine, and more. Congratulations to the team! It's great to see them receiving some well-deserved recognition for all their hard work. :)

As you know from earlier posts, Crystal Dynamics hosted a group of 17 community ambassadors representing fan sites from around the world. The ambassadors spent 2 days exploring the show, watching game demos and presentations, talking with Tomb Raider's creators, and generally mixing and mingling. The goal was for the ambassadors to get a closer look at the game, as well as to bring their communities' questions to the developers and then share their experiences with the fans back home.

Along with a group Q&A session, each ambassador had the opportunity for a 15-minute, one-on-one interview with a member of the development team. I've posted links to some of these interviews below and will add more as they become available.

Meagan from Crystal Dynamics (yellow sweater) with the community ambassadors at E3. I don't know about you, but I think every building should have a Tomb Raider elevator. ;) For more photos, visit the ambassadors' sites (links below) and Crystal Dynamics' Flickr album.

Our own ambassador, Katie, from Katie's Tomb Raider Site: E3 photos and notes here, video interview with Senior Art Director Brian Horton here.

Tom from Lara Croft Online: Podcast interview with Brian Horton here. Tom's E3 impressions here.

Chip from the Official Eidos TR Forum: E3 photos here, video interview with Global Brand Director Karl Stewart here.

Ashley representing Tomb Raider Chronicles and Tomb Raider Forums: Photos, video, impressions and exclusive interview with Karl Stewart here.

Conrado from Lara Daily: Exclusive interview with Karl here.

Geoffrey from Tomb Raider Online: E3 impressions and exclusive interview with Karl here.

Elodie from Laraider: Exclusive interview with Karl here.

Steven from Tomb Raider Net: E3 coverage here. One-on-one interview with Karl here.

Minerva from Lara's Generation: News from E3 and exclusive interview with Brian here.

SeRmOnGaR from Croft Generation: E3 info here. Exclusive interview with Brian here.

Daniel from Planet Lara: Interview with Karl Stewart. Video here and transcript here.

Lyubov from LaraCroft.name: E3 coverage here. Exclusive interview with Brian here.

Karen from Guns and Grapple: E3 coverage here. Exclusive interview with Karl here.

Clara from Captain Alban: E3 impressions here. Developer interview coming soon.

Jana from Tomb Raider Girl and WikiRaider: E3 coverage coming soon.

Sergey from Tomb Raider in Russia: E3 coverage coming soon.

DomyRaider from Lara Croft Revolution: E3 coverage coming soon.

Thanks again to Meagan Marie at Crystal for organizing the ambassador initiative, and to Karl, Brian, and the other developers for building time into their busy schedules to speak with us fans. We really appreciate it!

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