November 1, 2011

Tomb Raider 2 Hits Mac App Store

Mac raiders rejoice! Aspyr Media has just released an updated version of this classic game through the Mac App Store. The game costs $7.99 U.S. and is compatible with Macintosh OS X 10.6.6 or later. The App Store page includes detailed list of system requirements.

Tomb Raider 2 includes 17 extensive levels set in China, Tibet, Venice and a sunken ocean liner, plus the Croft Manor training level. One of the screenshots from the updated version shows the first level of the Golden Mask expansion pack, yet it doesn't appear those levels are included.*

TR2 was originally the first game in the series available for Macintosh. (TR1 Gold came later.) Aspyr has not yet announced any future plans to re-release other titles in the series, but perhaps if this one is well received, more updated classics could follow.

I'm primarily a Windows PC gamer myself, but I encourage any Mac players who try this new version to post your impressions in a comment below. How does it run? Are the graphics much improved? Any other changes from the original?

*UPDATE: The app does not include the Golden Mask levels, but it's possible to play them by downloading the free level pack and doing a simple set of file replacements. For step-by-step instructions, see here. Thanks to Attila for this info.

SECOND UPDATE 11/6: Save files from the original game don't seem to work, but my Mac crew is searching for a solution. If there isn't one, we hope to have new save files available soon. Also, MacRaider has posted info on enabling widescreen and anti-aliasing. See here.

Tomb Raider 2 screenshot. Click for larger version. More screenshots available on the Mac App Store page.

Thanks to Trevor from MacRaider and the Mac Matts (Matt from Matt's Tomb Raider Blog and Matt Hardwick) for keeping me posted on these developments.


  1. Got it the minute it came out.
    Looks and feels exactly the same as the original windows version.
    Wich, in my eyes, is a good thing.

    Hope they release all versions ��

    grtz Ad van Steenbruggen

  2. This is by far the BEST version of TR2. I have the PC version, the old Mac version, and the PSX version, and even though the textures are the same in this version, it looks amazing in full resolution on my 30" Apple Cinema display (2560X1600). None of the other versions come even close to supporting this resolution. The graphics are smooth ans the edges are sharp. There are no custom settings for the game, because the game automatically chooses your LCDs native resolution and all the graphic effects are maxed out right away. By far the best port of this game.

    You can also tweak the game files and play the "Golden Mask" levels as well. :-)

  3. TR 2 is my fab TR ever!!! I don't hav a mac but I thought this post meant it was 4 iPod touch which I do hav. I am ├╝ber depressed now :-(

  4. It is changed; there are several new high res textures and a new high res font. Also the music works differently (Ambience is continuous rather than being interrupted by the music tracks) and for some reason the pitch of certain tracks has been changed (One of which is half the pitch and speed of the original, sounding like a different song entirely) And finally, the FMVs are MUCH better quality than in the PC version, they look more like the PS1 FMVs.

  5. How do you control her on the mac though?? Do you just use the keyboard or a do you need a Joystick or a PS1/2 controller plugged in. I still have the PS1 version although its getting pretty old now, it is still the best of the series, I played TR1 on a PC originally, had a lot more ambient music than the PS1 version which had only incidental music which was a shame.

    1. I never had a Mac so have not tried any of the Mac versions. As far as I know, the keyboard controls are very similar to the PC ones. There may be compatible controllers, but I'm afraid I'm not the one to ask about that. Maybe try some of the TR forums...?

      Also, there are patches for the PC version to add the PS1 music tracks. Maybe there's something similar for Mac. There's a great site called MacRaider ( that might have info on that and the controller issue.