November 9, 2011

Rumor: Dead Space's Jason Graves composing the score to Tomb Raider reboot?

Thanks to some clever detective work by fans, we may now know the secret identity of the new Tomb Raider composer. According to H4RR7H, webmaster of The Music of Tomb Raider blog:

"Multiple British Academy Award and BAFTA winning composer, Jason Graves, most famous for his recent work on Dead Space and its sequel, might have let slip the possibility of a con­nec­tion to Crystal Dynamics and their new Tomb Raider reboot in an interview at The Sound Cast back in February this year.

"By using all too familiar words like 'survival', 'gritty' and 'realistic', words purported by Crystal's marketing for the game at the time, fans are convinced they're at least a step closer to prematurely homing in on the composer...."

Read the full story at The Music of Tomb Raider.

Game composer Jason Graves. Photo courtesy of Inside Gaming Daily. Visit for more info about this talented artist.


  1. Jason Graves. Heard of him before, not sure where though. :/

  2. He has a list of credits longer than a couple of my walkthroughs. ;)

  3. Here's a recent interview with Jason, for those who are not too familiar with him:

  4. Gary and Public Radio to the rescue! :) Great piece. Here's to minimalism.