May 7, 2011

And So It Begins...Game Media Launch Tomb Raider Blitz

The upcoming Tomb Raider title has been getting a lot of attention in the press lately. Several major gaming magazines sport Tomb Raider cover features in their May or June issues. These articles—apparently based on a hands-on demo shown to members of the press—repeat some of the information covered in Game Informer's January preview, but a few new tidbits have surfaced.*

  • The game will include more physics-based puzzles with multiple solutions, including puzzles based on fire, water, gravity and explosives.
  • The transitions between gameplay and cinematic cut scenes will be more seamless.
  • Lara will collect useful equipment as the game progresses—perhaps including her trademark dual pistols.
  • Tense emotions like pain and fear will be amplified by the use of close-up camera shots based on motion capture of real actors.
  • This Tomb Raider will have a much more realistic, cinematic feel in its camera work, character models, voice acting and environments.
  • Lara will still have some of the acrobatic ability she displayed in past games, but here those moves will be more flexible, more grounded in reality.
  • The game will include a hint system called "survival instinct," in which players can highlight clues and interactive elements in the game world by pressing a button.
  • Buddha statues are visible throughout the game. These may function as save points but their actual purpose has not yet been revealed.

Several big secrets remain, including the name of the actress who will voice Lara Croft. (Keeley Hawes will not be returning this time.) Nor has a release date been officially announced. Although several game retailers' sites are speculating December 2011, the PlayStation Magazine feature says the game won't be out until next year.

Some of these publications aren't available in New York, where I live, so if I've missed anything interesting, I hope you'll post a comment below to let me know.

Just a few of the video game magazines currently running Tomb Raider cover stories. Edge, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Hobby Consolas, Consoles+.

*If you missed the January Game Informer article, back issues are available on, and my TR9 page includes links and a list of bullet points.


  1. I totally cant wait sooooooooooooo EXCITED!!!

  2. I have read NAG magazine article about the game and interviews. New Tomb Raider sounds impressive to me and i really like the fact that it will be more realistic game. Can't wait for the game to be released.

  3. Thanks for the info, Stella!

    I'm curious to see how this new game will fare. I was a bit wary about the reboot when I first heard about it but I'm feeling a lot more positive about it now. :)

  4. @Kelly: That's how I felt too. I'm still a little worried that it'll be too scary for me. I'm kind of a wuss when it comes to violence/gore. But I'm trying to be open minded. I like what I've read about the interactive, physics-based puzzles, the ability to use objects in creative ways, the less linear structure, etc. Those are things I think TR should have had all along. I guess we'll see how it goes.

  5. Now the real question is whether/when to get a PS3 so I can play it…Will this get ported to Mac?

  6. @Gary: I hope they will, but I have to say I'm not optimistic. Mac gamers have really gotten short shrift lately. Though with the advent of Steam for Mac, things are looking a little brighter.

  7. And now a new movie as well!

  8. Hey Stella, I'm like you when it comes to violence/gore, plus I'm not a fan of mutants either. I level skip most of TR6 just to avoid the mutants! I'm exited about the reboot & I love the music already, but I'm 16 so I'm not old enough to play it!!! p.s I LOVE you're website.