April 25, 2011

Tomb Raider Developer and Fans Welcome New Community Manager

It's official. Meagan Marie, currently Associate Editor at Game Informer magazine, will soon become Tomb Raider Community Manager at Crystal Dynamics. Meagan will be relocating from Minneapolis to Redwood City, California, during the next several weeks and is due to start at Crystal in mid May. She announced the news in a blog post earlier today, bidding a fond farewell to GI and expressing enthusiasm for the new job.

"As community manager I'll be involved in many facets of social media and act as a liaison between the studio and various communities throughout the world. I'll be a public face at the studio and will be attending events worldwide, giving demos, helping to execute short and long-term media strategies, and more. I'm stoked for the challenge and very excited to join the Crystal Dynamics team."

Meagan is an avid gamer and a long-time Tomb Raider fan, as well as a great writer. If you read Game Informer, you're probably familiar with her work. In her 3 years at the magazine, she's penned numerous articles and features, including the exciting Tomb Raider coverage in the January 2011 issue. She's also an artist, photographer, collector, model and cosplayer. We'll be seeing more of Meagan in an official capacity very soon, but in the mean time, I encourage fans to give her a warm welcome. Meagan's Blog: meagan-marie Twitter: @_MeaganMarie_

Meagan Marie as Lara Croft in Tokyo. Photo by LJinto. Used with permission. For more pix and info on this photo shoot, visit Meagan's blog.


  1. convincing pic, loooks like croft herself in TR legeng.

  2. or legend rather

  3. Im sooooo happy for her
    hope she excels in her amazing job

  4. Wow she looks exactly as lara from TR legend