August 7, 2010

Guardian of Light Release Dates Updated, DLC Planned

Yesterday Crystal Dynamics announced that Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light will debut for PC and PlayStation 3 on September 28, and that the Xbox 360 version, slated for release August 18, will receive a patch enabling online co-op mode the same day the PC and PS3 games launch. Future downloadable content for the game was also revealed.

Crystal's Global Brand Director Karl Stewart told GameSpot that the online portion of the game needed more work before it could live up to the developer's promises but stressed that the single-player and offline cooperative modes would be complete for the August 18th Xbox 360 release.

"Everybody's disappointed, but we're also excited," Stewart said. "We're making a stand to say we're not going to have somebody download the game on August 18, play it, and feel like we came in a little under par on the online portion. It was a tough decision, but I think we made the right decision."

This should quell a little of the complaining from PC and PS3 fans disappointed with the early Xbox launch.

In other LCGOL news, the developers announced five downloadable content packs for all platforms coming this fall. According to General Manager Darrell Gallagher, "DLC for us means Downloadable Lara Croft. It all begins in August with Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light releasing on XBLA and runs through to the end of the year with the additional packs we will be offering. Oh and be prepared for a few surprises."

Future DLC will include expansion packs featuring new areas and new puzzle, exploration and combat experiences, as well as playable character packs, offering gamers the chance to experience the entire adventure without Lara Croft and Totec and instead with some other well-known videogame characters. The studio did not mention who those characters would be but, according to GameSpot, Stewart said they would be well-known characters pulled from a range of Eidos titles.

For more info, please visit my Guardian of Light page and check out previous LCGOL blog posts.

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