June 9, 2010

New Guardian of Light Combat Videos and Screenshots

IGN recently launched two new gameplay videos for Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. One features co-op combat, the other a cool boss fight against what looks like a hideous, giant carp!

Guardian of Light "Chompy" Boss

IGN also has a few new screenshots I haven’t been able to get my hands on yet. You can check those out here.

For more news, images and links, please visit tombraiders.net's Guardian of Light page and stay tuned here on the blog.


  1. Where can i play this?? Is this TR9?? I'm confused right now??

  2. Looks so awesome!! I can't wait!!! The only thing I didn't like was the "Time to run!" bit...

  3. Ass-kicking combat! Add excellent puzzles and story and treasures, etc. This may be the first game I pay full retail as soon as it is available; I usually wait for the discount pricing later.

  4. Love the awesome carp shredding machine at the end of the second video.

  5. I know. I thought that cuisinart thing at the end was pretty boss!

    @BattleRich - It's only going to be about $15. Well worth it for a shorter game, IMO.

    @WZulhilmi - This isn't TR9. It's a shorter game with Lara Croft due out this summer. For more info, check out the other "Guardian of Light" topics here [http://stellalune.blogspot.com/search/label/guardian%20of%20light].

  6. Oh yeah, the shredding machine is absolutely, disgustingly lovely. Lol!

    I do enjoy playing top-down and semi-top-down games from time to time, but it usually takes me a while to get used to how chaotic the screen can become during battle sequences. This perspective allows you to see a lot more than other views, so it can get pretty busy, especially in multiplayer settings. Frustrates my eyes sometimes!

    Even so, I'm really looking forward to trying this game out. The combat vid looked pretty intense, and the boss chase stressed me out just watching!

  7. Now i get it!! Thanks Stella for the link.. XD

  8. This game looks beastly. Can't believe Tomb Raider fans don't ALL LOVE this game. It looks so incredible and I myself am excited for a new Tomb Raiding perspective. Not to say I'd do away with the old style Tomb Raider, but I like the idea of having Lara in a look-over adventure. Hey, she we played her on the Gameboy, didn't we?

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