June 10, 2010

Another GOL Quickie

The June episode of Quore, PlayStation Network's online magazine, features—no surprises here—Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light. Along with more new game footage, there's commentary from Crystal Dynamics' Global Brand Manager Karl Stewart and Creative Director Daniel Neuburger. The TR segment starts at about 2:26.

Except for the dorkiness at the end where the interviewer totally blows her gamer cred by bringing up the topic of "boobie", I thought it was a great little feature. Lots of emphasis on co-op gameplay, including glimpses of a few areas we haven't seen yet. What do you guys think?

Watch below, or visit PlayStation.com.


  1. I have noticed quite a bit of negativity on different forums to the game, but Im actually quite exited about it. Each new video and screen shot we are getting seem to be portraying a really good game. I like solo, but I WANT to play co-op with this. It just looks like fun.
    Cant believe she asked about 'boobies' *sigh*

  2. I had intended to play this game solo, since no one else at home is really interested in gaming, but the more I see, the more I really want to do co-op! I agree, it was a cool feature (ignoring the dorkiness).

  3. I think the game looks better all of the time. It looks like fun crossing those chasms with the help of a rope and a partner. I would want to be Lara not the guy though, so co-op might not go smoothly for me :)

    The interviewer really is a bit too full of herself, uselessly trying to distract from the heroine of the piece: Lara. She is "the boobie" of the hour.

  4. The tomb raider experience is a solo ride,the best thing about it is the isolation and scope of the levels,remember how annoying zip+alastair are?It should first and foremost be about lara and exploring.

  5. I totally agree with you, Scott, and I'm glad they aren't trying to market this as "Tomb Raider." The developers are having quite a time getting that distinction across to the gaming public, though. It must be a challenge trying to go in a new direction after so many years of doing the same thing. Still, if they can sell Tomb Raider video slots, then they could probably sell Tabasco sauce in Hell. ;)

  6. I'm liking what I see with every bit we get about GOL. I've never played co-op and I'm thinking this game will be my first. It will be very interesting and probably a great deal of fun to play as Totec with another fan playing as Lara. We are familiar with Lara and how she thinks and moves. Assisting her through the game should come natural, but I wonder how many of us will likely be in her way until we really get the feel of the new genre. And last as well as least: We find once again that media interviewers have no self conscience and will say anything, which usually proves their lack of dignity just to squeeze in a cheap shot or pubescent humor. Yes, they are the boobs.