March 13, 2010

More Guardian of Light Details

In a presentation to journalists at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics has revealed a few more details about Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, due out this summer.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the game will be released as a digital download only (no CD/DVD version). Crystal has now confirmed that it will be available for PS3 through the PlayStation Network, Xbox 360 through Xbox LIVE marketplace, and Windows PC for around $15.

The press info also includes a little backstory:

"Two thousand years ago, an epic battle was waged between the armies of good and evil for a powerful artifact, The Mirror of Smoke. The fearless leader of the Army of Light, Totec, rose against all odds to defeat the evil overlord Xolotl and gain control over the item. Wielding the great power of the Mirror of Smoke, Totec banished Xolotl from the world. Now known as The Guardian of Light, Totec entombed himself with the mirror in The Temple of Light with to prevent it from ever falling into sinister hands."

In the game, Lara Croft teams up with Totec to retrieve the mirror and vanquish Xolotl. Along with a single-player mode, gamers can team up in either on- or offline co-op mode, with one player controlling each character. Guardian of Light features a fixed isometric camera view, but the developers promise huge levels and fast-paced gameplay focusing on exploration, puzzle-solving and combat, with multiple paths and solutions possible in each level. Enemies will include hordes of undead, as well as a number of challenging boss battles.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light


  1. Happy to hear the return of boss battles,thats one of my most fav things about TR is the hard boss battles at the end of a level. I loved them in TRA and missed them in TRU.

  2. Whilst a big fan and addict of TombRaider, I'm saddened and disappointed that not everyone has the download option and therefore miss out..........I hope a proper release for X-box 360/ PS3 gets released.............

  3. I'm glad another Tomb Raider game is coming. I am disappointed that that game is download only. Perhaps it is an experiment by the publisher to see how a download only release sells.

  4. Could be. Or a cost-cutting measure. Not having to copy and distribute will probably save $, but I wonder if that savings will offset the potential lost sales from people who can't download.

  5. It's different for sure.. but if it's going to be a success that's another question To me it sorta feels departure from what TR made TR.. Legend is still my most fav.. followed by TR A I guess.. if the old series was more 7 friendly I'd play those more too but well will have to figure that out still though..

    PS Ive replaced that logitech controller with an Xbox controller now lol And yep the bike sure works autoamtically now in TR U

  6. I have to believe this is just a foray into the world of co-op for the purposes of increasing market awareness. They have all but officially announced a traditional TR title to follow GoL. That title, whenever it is officially announced, will be about what we all know and love.

    I can't say I mind a fresh way to play TR in the interim. A game that might be similar is Trine, and that took like 10 guys to develop in under a year. And it was fantastic. $19 brand new.

    This may be a revenue boost to prove that a marketbase for TR-Proper still exists. Thus proving to SqEnix bosses that they should invest long term in multiple titles.

    As I see it, ANY developmental activity within the franchise is a good sign. The last thing we want to see is it stall out forever. I'm not going to do anything other than pay my 15$, play it, and support it. Anyone who wants a traditional TR title to come out and complains about the isometric experiment may just be shooting themselves in the foot.

  7. and oh by the way, if you weren't aware, the guys at Dreams and Visions Press have just released their history of TR Art. I got my copy the other day and it is the single best piece of work related to the franchise I have ever seen.

    think almost 600 pages of original art. stunning stuff that will make you nostalgic.

    google 'Tomb Raider Art' and you will be happy ;)

  8. Hey, Brant. Thanks for your comments. I haven't played Trine, but my son tried the demo and highly recommended it. I'll have to give it a go one of these days. As for Guardian of Light, probably not every TR fan will be interested but I certainly am. It looks like a fusion of two of the genres I like best—isometric RPGs and puzzle-solving platformers. Whee! :D

    As Gabriel and Anonymous #2 noted above, the digital-only release is unfortunate. I feel badly for people who don't have the option to download. Until a few years ago, that would have been me too. But I understand how the marketing works. Not having to produce a CD makes the distribution much less expensive.

    As for the Art of Tomb Raider book, I have seen it and it is indeed gorgeous. I actually ordered 2 copies to give away to my readers but somehow my order got mixed up and I only received one. As soon as I have both in hand, I will officially announce the give-away. So anyone who didn't order it, just stay tuned for details.

  9. ...unfortunately,this doesn't look like a video-game anymore:( but it could still work for me:P