January 16, 2018

Tomb Raider Suite Website Relaunched and American Tour Planned

In case you missed the official announcement, tombraidersuite.com has just received a major revamp. In addition to details about the upcoming composer buffet receptions in London and San Francisco, fans who were not able to support the Kickstarter campaign can now pre-order the album on CD, vinyl, or digital download, along with other TR Suite swag.

Composer Nathan McCree announced the website relaunch in a recent Facebook post and noted that the highly anticipated American tour is, in fact, a go. "Details of the American tour will be posted on our Tomb Raider Live page as the venues are confirmed," McCree wrote, "and we are very excited about this!"

The new site also features prize draws, details about the recording sessions that took place in October at Abbey Road Studios, and a "Memoirs" section, featuring articles, images, and videos shared by fans. The first installment was submitted by David Carroll, one of the prize winners chosen to attend the Abbey Road sessions.

Check out the site and stay tuned for further developments. If there's an East Coast U/S. show, I'll see you there!

The Tomb Raider Suite

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