December 27, 2016

Tomb Raider Wanderlust: A New Digital Magazine by and for Fans

Earlier this month the webmasters of the fansite Kronika Tomb Raider launched a free digital magazine, Tomb Raider Wanderlust. The first edition, titled "In the Shadow of an Icon," was originally released in Czech, but an English language version is now available.

My Q&A style interview is just one of many conversations with TR developers and superfans, including composers Nathan McCree and Peter Connelly, writer and voice actor Jennifer Milward, cosplayers Jenn Croft and Rident, official Lara model Jill de Jong, and voice actor Shelly Blond, the first Lara Croft.

Visit Tomb Raider Wanderlust for more info and links to both the Czech and English magazines. You'll also find a video preview, social media links, and a blog with updates about current and future issues. The project is off to a great start, and I look forward to seeing what editor Jiŕí Zamarski and art director Jiŕí Benda bring us next!

Tomb Raider Wanderlust - A free digital magazine by and for fans

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