November 14, 2016

Extra Life 2016 Raffle Winners

The dice have been rolled and the random number gods have spoken! Congratulations to the 38 winners of Team Tomb Raider Community's Extra Life prize raffle. The winners have also been contacted by email.

TR Live VIP Passes – Carla (UK)
Jose Cruz Art – Ricardo S. (Portugal)
Taryn Platt Art – Lys (US)
LaraRobsGraves Art – vampirecheetah (US)
ROTTR Backpack – Lodair (Brazil)
ROTTR Quiver and Art Print Set – Eydas (Israel)
Tomb Raider Fan Kit – Simon T. (UK)
ROTTR Boxed Poster Set – Sunspiral (US)
20 Years of Tomb Raider Book – Fran (Scotland)
ROTTR Art Book – Raphaël (France)
Tomb Raider Playing Cards – Shauni (Belgium) and Chris (Canada)
Lara Croft Atlas Figurine – Maribel V. (US)
Tourniquet phone case – Kieran (UK)
Box Art phone case – Kayla V. (US)
Crossroads phone case – whitney (US)
Official Tomb Raider Files Book – Caity (US)
Nathan McCree Autograph – José C. (Mexico)
LEGO Adventurer Minifigures – Brian G. (US), Darby (US), Robert B. (US), and Oliver C. (US)
Dark Horse Comics Collection – Annika S. (Germany), Lauren H. (US), and Tim O. (Australia)
CCG Starter Deck Set – Dennis H. (US), Keaton (US), MawiaJ (Finland), Monica G. (US), Stephanie P. (UK), and Anzel (South Africa)
Blade of Gwynnever Book – Patrick H. (UK)
ROTTR Xbox One – Rena (UK) and georgekgr (Greece)
ROTTR Steam – Aaron G. (Scotland) and Scott (Northern Ireland)
ROTTR PS4 – Paul B. (UK) and Kurya B. (US)

Thanks to everyone who entered, donated to our Extra Life efforts, watched our livestreams, and helped to spread the word! So far we have raised $3,743 for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Extra Life accepts donations through the end of the year, so we are hoping to reach the $4,000 milestone by then. If you haven't donated yet, you can still contribute by visiting the team's Extra Life page.

Tomb Raider Raffle Prizes

The team would like to give special thanks to the following sponsors:

  • Our wonderful, anonymous supporter for the Tomb Raider Suite VIP passes.
  • Artists José Cruz, Taryn Platt, and LaraRobsGraves (Ana and Inna) for their special contributions.
  • Lori Croft at Survivor Reborn for the Atlas figurine, TR phone cases, Official TR Files Book, and Nathan McCree autograph.
  • Saber-Scorpion for the awesome LEGO adventurer minifigures.
  • Meagan, Robin, and Katie at Crystal Dynamics for supporting our efforts throughout the year and lining up a great selection of prizes for this year's raffle. CD's donations include the signed copy of 20 Years of Tomb Raider, the backpack, quiver, fan kit, poster set, ROTTR Art Book, 20 Year Celebration playing cards, and Rise of the Tomb Raider game downloads.
  • Dark Horse Comics for the Tomb Raider comic trade paperback collections.
  • Square Enix Montréal for the Lara Croft GO game codes given away during our the livestreams.
  • for the classic Tomb Raider and other PC game codes, which were also given out during the streams.
Thanks to our sponsors!

Tomb Raider name and logos are copyright © Square Enix, Ltd. The name and logo are copyright © GOG Ltd., a subsidiary of CD Projekt. Other logos are the trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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