March 25, 2016

Solid Gold Games Podcast with Jamie Sparks

Solid Gold Games Podcast
Back in February, the awesome Jamie Sparks invited me to be the first guest on his new podcast. The result is this fun conversation about a few of my favorite things, including Tomb Raider, social media, and Extra Life. The Solid Gold Games Podcast is available on, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

Note that my prediction about Star Wars' Daisy Ridley being cast as Lara Croft in the next Tomb Raider movie preceded the rumor mill by several weeks. Go, me!

Jamie also has a blog in which he discusses all sorts of things from gaming to music to life's ups and downs. Check out his post on Why Lara Croft Should be Your Girlfriend. Some of his reasons may surprise you.

You can also find Jamie on Twitter @thejamiesparks. Give him a follow and tell him I said hey!

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