August 10, 2015

Rise of the Tomb Raider Gamescom 2015 Coverage: Prophet's Tomb Demo

We've heard they're putting the tombs back in Tomb Raider. Now we can see for ourselves. This gameplay demo, featuring Lara's discovery of the Prophet's Tomb in Syria, was originally shown at Microsoft's Gamescom briefing last week.

For those concerned about spoilers, the video definitely contains a few, but although it has been described elsewhere on the internet as a "walkthrough," I disagree. The 13-minute clip begins with a cinematic sequence, and the gameplay portion does not show the entire tomb, just Lara's entrance and harrowing exit. The developers have said they want players to discover the puzzles for themselves. That said, the demo definitely gives a feel for the exploration space and showcases some new game mechanics.

I, for one, am definitely liking what I see. What do you guys think?

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This Gamescom Rise of the Tomb Raider demo features Lara's discovery of the Prophet's Tomb in a remote area of the Syrian Desert

UPDATE: Adding a transcript of the dialogue for anyone who wants to translate from English to other languages. Thanks to Lodair Junior for this.

Guide: Hey, we're heading into a war zone now; you'd better be sure about this.

Lara: We're close. There should be an oasis in the canyon just ahead.

Guide: You are wasting your time. There's nothing out here.

Lara: Just keep driving, please.

Guide: It's your money.

Lara: Something isn't right.

Guide: Oh, that's just local militia.

Lara: You told someone, didn't you?

Guide: They paid better than you! Shit! They weren't supposed to shoot at us!

Lara: Get us out of here!

Guide: Shit! Shit! Oh, no, no!

Lara: No, no, no!

(GPS: Arrived)

Lara: No turning back. It has to be here.

Lara: There was something in dad's research about this.

Lara's dad (on tape): "It was said that the Prophet's Tomb was hidden in the cliffs above one of the forgotten cities. Legend speaks of an oasis where the prophet was laid to rest."

Lara: Something is here.

Lara: Could this really be it?

Lara: Incredible! Some kind of marker... Can't quite make out the translation of this word...

Lara: Prophet! This is it! Dad was right.

Lara: Okay, he's shown here performing healing miracles. Dad's notes mention this.

Lara: A secret entrance.

Lara: It's amazing. If only dad could've seen this.

Lara: Oh no. They're already here. Got to get inside.

Lara's dad (on tape): "The order of Trinity pursued the prophet and his people relentlessly until finally confronted them in the hidden oasis."

Lara: A way through. Dammit, come on! Ah!

Lara: There was a battle here. Armed soldiers against religious pilgrims. The order of Trinity.

Lara: Dammit, that was too close.

Lara: They're blasting their way in.

Lara: Let's hope this works.

Lara: Stunning. We made it, dad.

Lara: Found you.

Trinity soldier: Hey, she's down here!

Trinity soldier: Set the charges!

Lara: Move, dammit, move!

Lara: Almost...there.

Lara: What's this?


  1. Rise Has all of what I hoped a follow up game would be. I agree with Stella, I like what I see. Raid on Al

  2. Rise Has all of what I hoped a follow up game would be. I agree with Stella, I like what I see. Raid on Al

  3. Love it - similarities to the original ideas. Super graphics.Brilliant mechanics, including swimming. I heard mention of driving vehicles, but none in the clip. I loved the motorbike in TRU.

    Still no mention of 3-D. I play TR2013 in 3-D on my TV and it's just awesome (an overused word, but appropriate here).

    I suspect there won't be 3-D, although if it's good enough for XBox 360 with Crysis 2 & 3 and Gears of War, why not?