June 15, 2015

Rise of the Tomb Raider Gameplay and Release Date

In case you missed today's Xbox briefing at E3, Crystal Dynamics presented the first Rise of the Tomb Raider gameplay demo and announced that the game will be released November 10. Watch the stage demo and highlights below, and check the official Tomb Raider Blog for the rest of this week's E3 schedule.

UPDATE: At a friend's request, I've attempted to transcribe the dialogue in the second video for people who want to translate from English to other languages.

0:30 – Jonah: Wait til you see this view, Lara.
0:45 – Jonah: Uhhh. I guess if I was gonna hide a lost city, this might be the kind of god-forsaken place that I'd do it. Storm's getting closer. We have a couple hours at most.
0:59 – Lara: Should be enough time. We're almost to the top.
1:07 – Jonah: What do you think?
1:09 – Lara: We're close to something, Jonah. I can feel it. Just this last stretch to the top.
1:15 – Jonah: All right. Let's see what's up there.
1:27 – Lara: Looks like we climb from here.
1:29 – Jonah: Keep your eyes open for falling ice.
1:31 – Lara: Right. You ready?
1:34 – Jonah: Let's do it!
1:40 – Jonah: There's lots of loose ice up here.
1:43 – Lara: Let's take it slow and steady. Just stay with me.
1:48 – Jonah: Look out!
1:50 – Lara: Hold on!
1:52 – Jonah: I'm going to dig in. Can you make it across?
1:55 – Lara: I can make it! Aaaah!
1:57 – Jonah: Whoah! Holy shit! I don't think I can make that jump.
2:02 – Lara: Stay there. I'll anchor a line for you at the top.
2:11 – Jonah: Almost there, Lara. You got it.
2:36 – Lara: Jonah, we made it. I see the ruins.... Oh, God.
[Some yelling and grunting in here. If there are actual words, I can't make them out.]
2:50 – Jonah: Oh, shit! I got you. I got you. Lara! Can you hear me?
2:58 – Lara: Yeah.
3:00 – Jonah: I'm gonna pull you back up. Fuck! Fuck!
3:05 – Lara: There! Over there! Quick! Swing me to the other side!
3:13 – Jonah: OK. Here goes.
3:25 – Jonah: Lara! I can't hold you! The rope is slipping! Climb! Climb!
3:39 – Jonah: Oh, shit! Move, God damn it!
3:43 – Lara: Go back, Jonah! Get to shelter!
5:21 – Lara: Something else dwells in the darkness of this place, but I've got to continue. I finally feel a sense of purpose again. Like I'm doing what I was meant to do.
5:40 – Lara: Some kind of marker....
5:46 – Lara: The journey will be perilous, but I must find a way.
5:53 – [Lara yells something I can't make out.]
6:03 – Incredible! This is it.


  1. looks good but no way I'll buy a Xbox just to play a game. Hope it comes out for the PS4.

  2. Wow, amazing trailer!!! I'm impressed. But sad I will never play the game... untill it comes out on PC anyway :( the anger about CD's decision to make the game Xbox only (for now at least) only grows when I watch all these wonderful gameplay videos... It is definitely not fair to the Tomb Raider fans who do not have a Xbox.