April 12, 2015

Katie's Site Celebrates 15 Years with an Exclusive Tomb Raider Track from Composer Nathan McCree

Congratulations to my dear friend Katie Fleming on the 15th anniversary of Katie's Tomb Raider Site! As most of you probably know, Katie and I have shared a domain since 2002, when she outgrew her old site and I invited her to join me on tombraiders.net. At the time, I saw a lot of promise in a teenage writer and webmaster, and knew if she had a chance she could achieve big things. I'm certainly feeling like a proud Tomb Raider mama today as I look back on how much she's accomplished over the past decade and a half.

In addition to her many contributions to the Tomb Raider fandom, she's managed to acqure not one but several academic degrees and break into the game industry as community manager for Warhammer 40K Eternal Crusade. I hope you'll join me in wishing her all the best in her future endeavors!

To help celebrate this milestone, Nathan McCree, the composer for the first three Tomb Raider games, has given Katie and the rest of the fans a very special gift: a previously unreleased musical track, entitled "In The Dark." Check it out in Katie's video below.


  1. Congratulations to Katie! I've enjoyed her screenshots reading her stories and her various Tomb Raider reviews that she's posted recently on her YouTube channel. I hope the site goes on for quite a while!
    On a different note, what beautiful music. It's such a shame that that soundtrack was never released. It's got a brilliant mix of offsetting, foreboding and adventuring feelings, which would be perfect for a Tomb Rider game. The screenshots too were gorgeous. If they were all from Katie's site, then hats off to her!

  2. Stella, Katie, Nathan and others with your commitment make gaming more than just an on-screen video activity ....

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