August 12, 2014

Rise of the Tomb Raider Fan Petition for Multi-Platform Release

Earlier today at Gamescom, Crystal Dynamics announced that Rise of the Tomb Raider  will be released exclusively on Xbox One. A follow-up post on the Official Tomb Raider Blog attempted to explain this decision to the fans, but has left many of us feeling angry, baffled, and betrayed. So far it is unclear whether this is a temporary, timed exclusive. The official announcement does not address that point.

I encourage fans to send feedback to Crystal Dynamics by commenting on their blog post and other official social media. Those of us who favor a cross-platform release have started a petition to that end. Please follow this link and sign if you agree: Rise of the Tomb Raider Petition.

As of this writing, we have collected more than 5,000 signatures in less than 12 hours. We realize that our request will not change whatever legal agreements Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have made with Microsoft, but our hope is that showing clear support for broader release will encourage the developers to reconsider such exclusive arrangements going forward.

Rise of the Tomb Raider petition


  1. I really hope they take this seriously and as a business decision. A large majority, as you said perfectly, is being alienated and excluded from the franchise. I'm not paying 400 dollars for a console I'm only going to play one game on, as much as I love Tomb Raider even from year 1.

  2. When I first heard the news TR:2013 would get a successor for ''the next generation consoles'' (summer 2013) I immediately felt suspicious... I asked on TR forums what CD means with this comment ''next generation consoles''... not for PC? (I only play games on PC). People said I don't have to worry because all major TR games were released on PC and this is an important platform for the series... And now this news!! I hope CD will release the PC version later in 2016 (after the X-Box One version around Christmas 2015). If they don't, I would be very angry at them... What a terrible deciscion, I nearly can't believe this is true...

  3. I have signed the petition, and this is what I wrote:

    Tomb Raider is my absolute favorite game franchise. Even though the originals are my favorites, I have also loved most of the Crystal Dynamics games up until (and including) Guardian of Light. But since Underworld, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have constantly betrayed us fans. First, they made the DLC for Underworld Xbox 360 exclusive, then, they punched us in the face with the reboot, by turning the game into a violent third-person-shooter, instead of an action-adventure game about travel, exploration, mystery, puzzle, traps, and isolation. And now, this! OK, if this new game is going to continue with the same direction of the previous game, I personally couldn't care less about it. But for the sake of the people who do care, I would not want this game to be Xbox One exclusive. But even then, I have to wonder: Is my absolute favorite game franchise now completely dead? Will I never ever see a true Tomb Raider game ever again? Sure, Temple of Osiris looks awesome, but in no way can it replace the experience of a true Tomb Raider game. If Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have really killed off true Tomb Raider, I can never ever forgive them! Therefore, I actually have two petitions: Not only make Rise of the Tomb Raider multi-platform, but also PLEASE bring the franchise back to its roots! Tomb Raider was a unique experience; there was nothing like it, and there is still nothing like how Tomb Raider used to be. Actually, it's been a HELL of a long time since we last had a full-3D game even remotely like the original Tomb Raiders! So, PLEASE be careful with this holy franchise! If you first release Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One, and then later for the other platforms, it would still be OK. But I beg you to make sure the game stays true to its roots and eventually comes out for the three major platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox One)!

    1. I couldn't agree more on everything you wrote. I hope they'll eventually care more about the true spirit of this beautiful game which brought us so much joy. BRAVO!

  4. This decision really disappoints me. I will never own a XBOX ... not even for Tomb Raider. Really stupid decision ... whatever amount of $ Microsoft promised won't make up for loss of fans and the damage to the TR brand overall. Stupid ... stupid ... stupid.

  5. So this is finally it! The last straw. I shall stop playing Tomb Raider now. I will never spend money on a xbox. FU micro$oft!

  6. What do people think about the statements by Phil Spencer, Head of Microsoft's Studios and Xbox Division?

    He appears to suggest that the deal with Crystal Dynamics is of limited duration, but leaves the explanation of that to CD.

    Vamien McKalin, of Tech Times (August 15) suggests it's to avoid a clash with Uncharted 4 on the PS4 next year.

    MS couldn't sensibly pay Crystal Dynamics enough to make a business case for them lose all the trade on other platforms, so. this might be right. A bit like the delayed release we had to endure for TR 2012, released eventually in 2013.