July 28, 2014

Core Design's Andy Sandham Talks Tomb Raider

Andy Sandham
Andy Sandham, formerly of Core Design, now teaches game design at NHTV in The Netherlands
It's been more than a decade since The Angel of Darkness, Core Design's last Tomb Raider game, was released. Even so, fans of the classic games are still sifting through the historical record for clues about the evolution of the series.

Recently my friend Ash Kapriélov had the opportunity to interview Andy Sandham, who was part of the Tomb Raider dev team from TR2 through Chronicles. Check out their Q&A on Ash's Tumblr blog.

Croft House
Croft House, located next door to the old Core Design building, may or may not have been influential.

UPDATE - 7/29: In a follow-up post, also on Ash's Blog, Andy provided several previously unseen pieces of TR 3-5 concept art, including this gem. Did you know Lara could swim 72 blocks before drowning? ;)

Tomb Raider 3 concept art
Tomb Raider 3 concept art courtesy of Andy Sandham. Click to enlarge. More sketches here.

Ash has also interviewed other former Core Design team members. Check out his blog for classic Tomb Raider info.

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  1. I know this sounds crazy, but seeing a new article from a key Core Design person kinda made my heart beat fast (especially when I read that his favorite game was TR3 :D). I am a game designer myself and for quite a while I have this dream of one day, getting the key Core Design people back together (Richard Morton, Jamie Morton, Andrew Sandham, Andrea Cordella, Peter Duncan) and, with me included in the team, we would work on either a new Tomb Raider game or kind of a spiritual successor that brings back the very brilliant experience that the classic Tomb Raider games delivered. Those guys where one of a kind!