February 5, 2014

Dark Horse Reboots Tomb Raider Comic Series as Bridge Between TR 2013 and Sequel

Dark Horse Comics has just released a 6-page sneak peek at the first issue of their upcoming Tomb Raider comic series. Tomb Raider #1 will be on sale February 26, so now is the time to pre-order from your local comic shop or online at Things From Another World.

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Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse Comics
Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse Comics
Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse Comics
Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse Comics
Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse Comics
Tomb Raider #1 from Dark Horse Comics

The new comic series is written by Gail Simone, who is probably best known for her work on the Wonder Woman, Deadpool, Batgirl, and Red Sonja series and as a co-founder of the website Women in Refrigerators. She's also a long-time Tomb Raider fan. In a recent interview with Kotaku, Simone discussed the progression of Lara's character from the classic games to the recent reboot...and beyond.

"It's true that the earliest games didn't really give deeply emotional motives to the characters, but damn, they were fun. And groundbreaking in several ways," Simone said." The way I see Lara now is, she's not after treasure. She's not really after thrills. She's a questioner, she's an explorer. She wants answers. The thing is, she's completely unstoppable. That's what I love. Everyone underestimates her, and that is a terrible mistake to make."

Along with Simone as storyteller, the series features penciller Nicolás Daniel Selma, inker Juan Gedeon, colorist Michael Atiyeh, and cover artists Dan Dos Santos (#1), Dan Scott (#2), and Ariel Olivetti (#3).

Tomb Raider: The Beginning
The original Tomb Raider comic series was published by Top Cow between 1999 and 2005. We first heard about the comic relaunch when game developer Crystal Dynamics announced a tie-in with TOMB RAIDER's release in March 2013. The 48-page hardcover, titled Tomb Raider: The Beginningwas penned by the game's lead writer, Rhianna Pratchett. It was originally offered as a pre-order bonus but is now available separately.

Last summer Simone announced her involvement in the project, which will serve as a bridge between the most recent Tomb Raider game and its sequel. For ongoing updates follow her and Dark Horse on Twitter (@GailSimone and @DarkHorseComics), or check out the Dark Horse website.

UPDATE: Here's another interview with Gail - "Gail Simone Aims High with 'Completely Badass' Tomb Raider" (via Comic Book Resources).

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  1. I'm buying the entire first season, and can't wait. I've already got The Beginning, I got it for my b-day last year, and it was amazing. Very exited.