December 7, 2013

Platform Interview with Tomb Raider Composer Nathan McCree

Nottingham University student Daryl Baxter recently interviewed Nathan McCree for Platform Magazine. In a wide-ranging conversation, McCree discussed his work on the first three Tomb Raider games, as well as his process, influences, and more recent projects.

Fans of the classic games might be surprised to learn about the frantic pace of the early games' development.

"Every tune was written once, and that version went in the game. I wrote the entire score for TR1 in 4 weeks.... I didn't really see the levels in an "early state." If I was lucky I got to see the area where we needed some music, or some screen shot or something, but most of the time I was working from minimal word descriptions like, 'Under water,' 'T-Rex,' 'Caves,' etc."

It's also especially exciting to hear that McCree has plans for the classic soundtracks. When Baxter asked him about Peter Connelly's recent TR4, 5, and Angel of Darkness SoundCloud releases, McCree responded,

"Well yes I am working on it. There is some 'red tape' to get through first. In fact I have much bigger plans for the music which I hope to finalise soon so watch this space."

Read the full interview at Platform Magazine.

Tomb Raider composer Nathan McCree in his studio in 1996
Nathan McCree in his studio back in 1996.

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