February 17, 2013

GameTrailers Tomb Raider Retrospective

In the run-up to the new Tomb Raider's release, GameTrailers.com has launched a fun look back at the series. Part one, below, covers the development of the first three games and Lara Croft's rise to pop-culture stardom.


  1. Do you know when Part Two will be up??? :)

  2. I don't. This one just went up today, and I imagine they'll space them out. For the Zelda, Star Wars and Halo series, GT eventually combined all the episodes into one long video. I assume they'll do that for this one as well.

  3. Thanks Stella! I watched this one and was gutted I couldn't watch Part Two straight away!

  4. An excellent review of TR1. It quite takes me back to hours slaving over a hot keyboard.

    I hope the TR2/3/etc retrospectives are as good and informative ...

  5. Part 3 added, in case anyone's actually subscribed to the comments on this post. ;)


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