June 8, 2011

RAIDERFEST 2011 Music Competition

IndyCroft.com has announced an exciting contest, which I'm proud to co-sponsor. RAIDERFEST 2011 invites musically inclined Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones fans to create an original composition honoring either or both series. This is a great chance to express your creativity and possibly win one of several great Raider-related prizes.

Raiderfest 2011 begins!

RAIDERFEST runs from June 1 to August 22, 2011. Update: The deadline has been extended until September 22, 2011.

Submissions can be any of the following:
  • The fan's own interpretation of the Indiana Jones and/or Tomb Raider themes on a particular instrument (i.e. piano, guitar, etc.) OR a remix of the themes.
  • A lyrical tribute to Indiana Jones and/or Tomb Raider (i.e. a rap, ballad, etc.)
  • Or an original composition by the fan as a tribute to Indiana Jones and/or Tomb Raider.

  • 1st Place: Will have their choice of either an Indiana Jones "Raiders of the Lost Ark" 12" Figure from Sideshow Collectibles OR the Art of Tomb Raider book.
  • 2nd Place: Will win a copy of the Indiana Jones Omnibus 1 and Tomb Raider Tankobon 1.
  • 3rd Place: Will have their choice of an Indiana Jones novel OR a Tomb Raider novel.


We're very pleased to announce that we will have three very special guest judges for this contest.

Clint Bajakian: Video game composer, worked with LucasArts from 1991 to 2000. Composed the music for Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. Currently employed with Sony Computer Entertainment.

Marcus Trogen: Tomb Raider fan and composer, creator of the Dance Raider tributes.

Anna Meredith: Composer and performer of electronic and acoustic music. Has worked as a composer for the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and is currently the PRS/RPS Composer in the House with Sinfonia ViVA.

Panel of Judges:

L.E. Croft: Webmistress of IndyCroft.com, Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider fan fiction author.
Stella: Webmistress of BrickRaiders.net and Stella's Tomb Raider Site.
Ostercy: Tomb Raider fan fiction author and webmaster of Ostercy's Tomb Raider Fables.
Jaden: Webmistress of Guns and Grapple.
Marcus Brody: Raiders' Realm moderator.
Scorn: Indiana Jones fan.

Further details and instructions for submitting entries can be found on the IndyCroft.com IndyCroft.com contest page. Good luck to all entrants. I look forward to hearing your wonderful work!


  1. Stella! Sounds like a GREAT contest, that I will love to rip my hair out for! When it say own interpretation and original score, what does that mean? The original score I think it means All the instruments. When it says interpretation what does that mean?

  2. I hope you'll enter, Matt. That'd be great. I think that the fan's interpretation of the original theme means you play something from the actual Indy and/or TR theme but give it your own flair. An orginal composition would be something you've created yourself but inspired by Indiana Jones and/or Tomb Raider.

    That's just my understanding of the rules, though. If you want to be absolutely sure, I'd encourage you to contact L.E. Croft, the contest organizer. Just click the banner in the post or any of the IndyCroft.com links to get to her site, where you'll find a contact link.

    Good luck!

  3. Stella, how do we submit our entries? I can't find an email address here or at Indy Croft...

  4. H4RR7H: On the Indy Croft site (http://www.indycroft.com/news/?p=120) there's link to submit entries. Or you can email directly. It's admin [at sign] indycroft [dot] com. Good luck!

  5. Clicking on the banner doesn't work for those without an email software installed; that was my problem...

    Cheers Stella :)

    P.S. I'll link you if you link us! :D
    I'm awaiting fansite officiation with Marie @ CD ;)

  6. Hi Stella. My name is Charles Axtell aka "musicmaestro10" on youtube. I just posted a new video for my entry "Secrets of Thailand/Forgotten Worlds" from the one I sent to L.E.Croft if you want to see it, but as a judge you've probably already heard it! If not please check it out!!