January 13, 2010

Fans Petition for Underworld Bonus Levels

It's been almost a year since the Xbox 360 exclusive bonus levels "Beneath the Ashes" and "Lara's Shadow" came out. Players who own Tomb Raider: Underworld for other systems have been nursing their hurt ever since. Now some fans have decided to take action by petitioning Eidos and Crystal Dynamics to release the downloadable content for Windows PC and PlayStation 3.

If you'd like to experience the exciting epilogue to the Underworld storyline, then I encourage you to visit the petition site and sign on. There's no need to register. Just post your name and email address (which will be kept private).


I don't know the details of Eidos's legal agreement with Microsoft for the Xbox downloads, so this may not even be possible. But perhaps if enough players speak up they'll consider our request or, at the very least, hesitate before making this kind of agreement next time. It can't hurt to ask, right?


  1. Thanx for letting us know who use the PS3 system about this petition!!! I have signed it & I really do hope that this works!!!

  2. I just talked with the owner of a gaming shop and he tells me that all those exclusivity contracts come to an end sooner or later but no one knows when. Game developpers are not likely to limit their sales to one console after developping the whole thing so its just a matter of time...sorry guys petitions won't do it...we just have to sit and wait for those damn contracts to expire :p

  3. I'm going to sign it. Thanks so much for the info Stella. I wanted to play both those so bad, but prefer to play games on my pc or PS. Don't own an X-Box.

  4. Hey there I just started playing TR2, and I cannot get out of the boat. What the heck? -Andy

  5. Hi, Andy. On the PC it's Alt + Left/Right Arrow; Mac is Command + Left/Right Arrow; PlayStation is
    Square + D-Pad Left/Right. Not sure about PSP but it's probably jump + left/right, whatever that is.

    There's a list of TR2 controls at http://tombraiders.net/stella/walks/controls/TR2controls.html. Raid on! :D

  6. THX so much! --Andy, oh yeah, sorry I dodn't mention the platform I was using, it's ps1. And thanks so much for your walkthrough!

  7. You're very welcome. Glad to be of help. :)

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