April 13, 2017

Lara Croft GO Mirror of Spirits Expansion Now Available on Android and iOS

The latest expansion pack for the turn-based puzzle game Lara Croft GO has just been released for Android and iOS. The Mirror of Sprits, 11 new levels for the award-winning turn-based puzzle game from Square Enix Montréal, debuted with the PS4 and Vita release in December. Now the Mirror of Spirits expansion is available free on mobile platforms as well. If you don't already own the game, you can pick it up for 99¢ on the Play Store or $1.99 on the App Store. Lara Croft GO is also available for Windows, Linux, and OSX through Steam. Sorry, still no update for Windows Phone, but we hope to see that soon.

For help with any of the puzzles, check out my screenshot and video walkthroughs.

April 7, 2017

96-Hour Tomb Raider Marathon for Direct Relief

Our friends at Tomb Raider Marathon 2017 are about to kick off a 96-hour gaming marathon to benefit Direct Relief. Starting this afternoon, they'll be playing 7 Tomb Raider games over the course of 4 days. I hope you'll tune in for the live broadcast on Twitch and donate if you can. A schedule and more info can be found at tombraidermarathon.com. You can also follow TRMarathon17 on Twitter and Facebook.

See you there!

March 22, 2017

We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Just a quick update and an apology. Tombraiders.net recently changed web hosting services, when our long-time host, WiredTree, was bought by another company. The new people have been very helpful, but there have been a few unforeseen issues. I apologize for the intermittent outages over the past few days and hope to up and running soon. Meanwhile, if you receive an error message when attempting to connect to the main site, most pages are archived here on the Internet Wayback Machine. Thanks for your patience.

PSA courtesy of The Keep Calm-o-Matic
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