September 9, 2009

Lara Competes in Gamespot's "All-Time Greatest Video Game Hero" Contest

Who's the greatest of them all? This month Gamespot is asking players to vote for their favorite video game heroes. Our heroine gave PaRappa the Rapper the royal smackdown in round one. (90% of voters preferred Lara!) Now it's on to round two, where the competition is a bit tougher. As of this writing, Lara is beating Jedi Knight Kyle Katarn about 2:1, but she still needs players' support to make it to the final round.

Next week she'll face off against über-plumber Mario, and it looks like every vote will count. Check the current standings here and follow the link below to cast your vote.

Post a comment here if you like. Do you think Lara can make it to the finals? Who will she face? My guess is Lara vs. Samus Aran in the semi-finals and Lara vs. either Link or Solid Snake for the win.

UPDATE 9/24/09: Sadly our girl was trounced by that swarthy plumber in round three. Better luck next year. :(


  1. unfortunately...Lara will meet Mario in the 3rd round!It will be a very dificult battle!

  2. what???it has already begun???i didn't knew that it starts today!!!i really don't know who will win...

  3. i can't believe that sonic was eliminated!i'm shocked!

  4. hehe,Lara was eliminated by the greatest video-game hero...hello!is there anybody out there?lol!

  5. this competition was rigged:

  6. Wow! That's crazy. Still, despite the 4chan peoples' efforts Bub & Bob didn't actually end up winning. Nevertheless, if GameSpot wants people to take their contest seriously, they should restart it.


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