October 20, 2011

Exclusive Tomb Raider UK Press Event Coverage by Guns and Grapple

Last week Jaden from Guns and Grapple had the opportunity to attend a special Tomb Raider community preview held at Eidos UK in Wimbledon, London. The developers treated a group of fans to a tour of the studio, a Q&A with Community Manager Meagan Marie and Global Brand Manager Karl Stewart, a presentation and some hands-on demo time, plus dinner out. Sounds like a great time.

For details on Jaden's experience with the demo, which features Lara's excursion into the wolves' den, plus the developer Q&A session and photos from the event, please visit Guns and Grapple. Be sure to check out all three separate articles:

Crystal Dynamics Community Manager Meagan Marie (standing, third from left) and Mastering Manager Jay Walker (the only guy) with Tomb Raider fans, including Guns and Grapple webmistress, Jaden (standing, second from right). The outfit in the case is one worn by Lara Croft model Rhona Mitra in 1997.

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